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The black face mask cleanses your skin of toxins, making it ideal for getting rid of pimples, black heads, and blemishes. It’s infused with essential oils and activated charcoal, making it ideal for unclogging blocked pores while nourishing your skin with much needed nutrients.


The only thing you need to do is apply it on your face or the desired area with the complimentary face brush, wait 15-20 minutes while the mask does its magic – then wash it off. After washing the Blaque Face Mask off you just need to apply the Even-Tone Face Cream to moisturise your skin and give it that glow it deserves.

Detoxifying Blaque Face Mask

    • Unclogs pores on the skin
    • Reduces pimples, white heads & blemishes
    •  Softens skin
    • ±200ml
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