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Chronic pain can be debilitating, interfering with life and the ability to do basic activities. X-pain Ultrabiotics are designed to relieve your body of pain, whether it is internal body pain, a tooth ache or muscle pain, so you can get on with life. Inflammation or swelling can also be reduced with the intake of X-Pain Ultrabiotic Probiotics.

X-Pain Management Health Supplements

  • Processing and handling of orders can take 1-5 working days, before the order is shipped. After processing and handling of an order a tracking number will be issued to you, where you can track your order and when it is likely to arrive to you. 

    Shipping in South Africa can take 1-4 working days

    Shipping outside of South Africa Internationally can take 5-20 working days

    For International purchases, ensure you send your invoice within 2 days after purchasing to the courier company to ensure your package gets cleared at customs. This will help you avoid any delays at customs preventing you from getting your parcel in time.

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